Invar is a specialty Iron-Nickel alloy with a low thermal coefficient of expansion. It’s ability to hold its shape at high temperatures makes it ideal for applications that require dimensional stability, including composite tooling, precision instruments, marine components and wind turbines. The term Invar is a registered trade name, and refers to the “invariable” dimensional properties of the metal. Over the years, the term Invar has evolved into the semi-generic name for a family of Fe-Ni alloys based on minor chemical modifications.

Invar has been widely used for high performance composite tooling applications since the 1990s. Learn more about Invar truths and misconceptions in this white paper.

Re-Steel stocks common sizes of Invar plate, and rolls plate to exact industry specifications to fill custom orders. This process allows us to deliver our product quickly, and provides a significant cost advantage compared to others in the specialty metals industry.